Vilma Qerfozi on hit songs at the end of Albanian communism

2012-05-12 (Saturday) § 5 Comments

I was in Albania recently and sat down to chat with my former Albanian language teacher, Vilma Qerfozi, and a current Peace Corps volunteer, Sergio Munda.  She recounted some of her memories from the end of the communist isolation of Albania in 1991.  Here’s a snippet of our conversation.

VQ: We had the skirts of Lambada, which we found at the used clothes market.  And everyone was crazy after Lambada.  And after twenty years we have another song which is as popular as Lambada is, Mosa.  [singing] “Mosa, mosa, assim você me mata.”  And I think this is amazing, that after twenty years there is another Portuguese – no, Brazilian song playing on.  But yeah, it was Lambada, everyone crazy.
SM: Lambada was the song of 1991.  What was the song of 1997?
VQ: I don’t remember any song from 1997.  Just the noise of the weapons.  And we were amazed how there is one song in the world which is the most beautiful.  And later on we learned that this is normal.  Outside, like every year, there are new hits.  Like, every summertime there are new hits that are popular, and each season has its popular song, like summer hits, fall hits, and so on.  And then I remember this, saying that “Ah, this is normal.”  You know?


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  • Ana Shima says:

    I was listening to songs in 1997! Some of the bands I was listening to those days were Rage Against the Machine, The Smashing Pumpkins, started obsessing with Nirvana as well. Granted I was a teenager, my first year of high school was 1996-1997… I remember getting Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness as a gift from my brother in an audio cassette! No CD’s then 🙂 We had a satellite dish of the old kind and my brother and I would watch this German TV called Viva Zwei ALL the time. It was the best music channel ever, no mainstream music, no meaningless ads and I think I owe it to that channel for teaching me about good music and a little German as well 🙂

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